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Little millet (Panicum sumatrense L.)

Common name: Kutki

Vernacular Names: Little millet (English), Sawai, Samalu and Same.

Family: Gramineae


Introduction: It is an annual herbaceous plant, which grows straight or with folded blades to a height of 30 cm to 1 m. The leaves are linear, with the sometimes hairy laminae and membranous hairy ligules. The panicles are from 4 to 15 cm in length with 2 to 3.5 mm long awn. The grain is round and smooth, 1.8 to 1.9 mm long. It is wonderful millet which is suitable for people of all age groups. It helps to prevent constipation & heals all the problems related to stomach. It improves the semen counts of men. It also helps for women with irregular periods problems. Its high fiber helps to reduce the fat depositions in the body. The little millet contains 8.7 gram protein, 75.7 gram carbohydrate, 5.3 gram fat and 1.7 gram mineral in per 100 gram.

Climatic requirement: Little millet originated in south-east Asia and is now a days it is grown throughout India, particularly in Madhya Pradesh Orissa Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh. In the temperate zones of Asia: the CaucasusChinaEast Asia and also in the tropics of the continent: IndiaIndochina and Malaysia. It can withstand both drought and water logging. It can be cultivated up to 2000 m above sea level.

Seed rate:  8 kg/ha (line sowing)

12 kg/ha (broadcasting)

Seed treatment: Seed treated with ceresan @ 3 g/kg of seed and seed inoculation with Agro bacterium radiobacter and Aspergillums awamori improve seed yield.

Sowing Time: Kharif- June to July

Rabi- September to October

Method of Sowing: Broadcasting and line sowing.

Spacing: Row to row 22.5 cm, plant to plant 8-10 cm and depth 3-4 cm.

Manures and fertilisers:  5-10 t/ha FYM could be applied about a month before sowing. In addition, application of 40 kg nitrogen, 20 kg P2O5 and 20 kg K2O per hectare is beneficial.


Following are the important varieties of the crop:

Tarini, Kolab, Sabara, Jawahar Kutki-36, TNAU-63, Paiyur-1, JK-1, and Birsa Gandhi-1.


Water managementt: First irrigation at 25-30 DAS and second irrigation at 45-50 (DAS).

Important weeds: Among grassy  weeds, Echinochloa colonum, Enhinochloa crusgulli (sawan), Dactyloctenium aegypticum (makra), Elusine indica (kodo), Setaria glauca (banra), Cynodon dactylon (doob), Phragmites karka (narkul), Cyperus rotundus (motha), Sorghum  halepanse (banchari) are common. The broad-leaved weeds are Celosia argentia  (chilimil), Commelina benghalensis (kankoua), Phylanthus niruri (hulhul), Solanum nigrum (makoi) and Amaranthus viridis (chaulai).

Weed Control: Two inter- cultivation and one hand weeding  in line sown crop and two hand weeding  in broadcost crop are necessary for effective weed control.Post-emergence application of 2, 4-D sodium salt (80%) @ 1.0 kg a.i./ha at 20-25 DAS. Isoproturon @ 1.0 kg a.i. /ha as pre-emergence spray is also effective in weeds control.

Diseases and its control measure:

Downy mildew: Leaf symptoms begin as chlorosis (yellowing) at the base of the leaf lamina, and successively top leaves show greater leaf coverage by symptoms. Spray of 0.2% solution of Mancozeb 75 WP.

Smut: The affected ears are full of black masses covered with a thin yellow membrane. This is seed born disease. Seed treated with thiram or ceresan @ 2.5 g/kg of seed and soaking seeds in hot water at 55 oC for 7-12 minutes.

Rust: Brown pustules are seen on leaves. This disease hinders photosynthesis and cause considerable loss in yield. Spray of Mancozeb (75 WP) @ 2 kg/ha.

Insect-pests management:

Stem borer: Apply Phorate @15 kg/ha (10% granules) in the soil at the time of field preparation.

Termites: Using Methyl parathion (2%) dust @ 20-25 kg/ha before sowing.

Harvesting Time: Kharif season crop- September to October

Rabi- January to February

Yield: Grain-12-15 qtl/ha, Straw-20-25 qtl/ha.

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